Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mid Summer Update

Members of the CSLA 2.0 Team met f2f for the first time since putting this program together. Here are some of our team members gathered in the AT&T Executive Briefing Center in San Francisco (Front: Connie Williams, CSLA VP of Communications; Jackie Siminutus, Library Advocate from AT&T. Back: Jamie Boston, LMT from Davis Joint Union School District, Rob Darrow, Coordinator of Libraries, Clovis Unified School District.)
Our group learned that at this point in the summer, there are 125 participants in California and another 65 people from outside of California participating. Over the next months, the members of the CSLA 2.0 Team will be presenting the SLL2.0 concept at a variety of workshops. We will have a special awards ceremony at the CSLA conference in November.
There is still time for you to join!


Christine said...

I've enjoyed your comments at CSLA 2.o. Thanks.

Christine said...

Whoa! You can't edit comments! A reminder to be aware of details... It is CSLA 2.0. Thanks

Christine said... is not working. See Week 6, Thing 13. Thanks.

L.Jean said...

I am enjoying this process so much and I really appreciate the time and effort everyone on the committee has put into this. I also appreciate the thoughtful comments you have placed on my own blog.